Latin America's best Treks & Adventures for Singles

Traveling solo can be awesome. We believe not having anyone to travel with should never be a reason to postpone this great adventure you have been dreaming about for so long.

However we know that traveling solo sometimes also involves a lot of concerns if you are visiting a destination you are not familiar with, especially in case of a trekking holiday. Language barriers, the fear of feeling lonely along the trail or getting lost or concerns about safety, are some of the reasons that make travelers hesitate when contemplating an unaccompanied hiking tour in Latin America. In addition not having anyone with whom to split costs for rooms, transfers or guiding often results in extra costs making your dream trip expensive or even not affordable.

The good news is that solo travelers not necessarily have to hike alone. There are several possibilities to join a like-minded group of hiking lovers and trek with people who share the same passion for adventures and the great outdoors as you. Make new friends and enjoy the company of an experienced guide who knows the region and trails by heart and will take care of the well-being and safety of all group members.

The below mentioned trips are group tours that solo travelers can easily join. Most of these tours are based on shared accommodation, trying to match single travelers of the same gender enabling them to share a room or tent and avoiding expensive single supplements. In most cases, for those that prefer more privacy, single rooms and tents are available at a reasonable rate.

Peru Travel Idea - Rainbow Mountains

Rainbow Mountain Trek

Hike in Peru's Vinicunca Mountains

The Rainbow Trek is a fairly new route that traverses the colorful Rainbow Mountains taking hikers past snow-capped mountains, turquoise lakes, glacial peaks and wildlife.  A wonderful off the beaten path wilderness trek with the possibility to include a visit of Machu Picchu as an extension.

Departures are confirmed with a minimum of 2 participants but usually there is at least one guaranteed departure every month solo travelers can easily join. 

Torres del Paine W-Trek

Hike in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park

Patagonia´s most popular trek! Hike to the Tower Base, on the Cuernos Trail, into French Valley and to Grey Glaciar through and immense scenery of dramatic granite peaks, forests shaped by the strong Patagonian winds, turquoise blue lakes and glaciar lakes with floating icebergs in endless shapes of blue.

Due to the popularity of this trek there are 2 to 3 weekly departures during high season, making it easy for a solo traveler finding a confirmed departure date they can join. Overnight is in mountain huts sharing a room with up to 6 other hikers.

Angel Falls Trek

Hiking & Rappelling in Venezuela's Gran Sabana

Venezuela´s mountains in “La Gran Sabana” house the world’s highest waterfall, the mighty Angel’s Fall with a height of 979 meters. The area around the waterfall is an adventure playground made up of Venezuela´s deepest caves, gorges, colorful rivers and sandstone walls twisted into the most amazing shapes. This once in a lifetime adventure includes fabulous hikes in an amazing scenery and rappelling down beside the highest waterfall on earth.

Group departures are available for certain dates only, but usually confirm quickly due the uniqueness of this tour. 

Chimbarazo & Cotopaxi Volcano Hike

Trek along Ecuador's Volcanoes

Ecuador houses some of the world´s highest volcanoes and both the Chimborazo (6268 m) and Cotopaxi (5897 m) are very accessible volcanoes for mountaineers. The surrounding area awaits hikers with stunning nature and exotic indigenous villages and cultures. The trek includes an excellent acclimatization program, ascending lower mountains like Pasochoa, Corazon and North Iliniza preparing for the big challenge of climbing Ecuador´s highest volcano.

Group departures are available for specific dates. 

Los Nevados National Park

Colombian Volcanoes & Nevado del Tolima

Los Nevados National Park is located in Colombia´s Central Andes and Coffee Region and hosts Colombia´s most important volcanoes, making it a popular region for hikers. The trek leads hikers thorough a scenery of extraordinary beauty, hiking from mountain cloud forest at 2.100 m to the highlands up to one of Colombia´s most attractive volcanoes, the cone shaped Tolima volcano (5.221 m).  While going up, hikers will experience changes in vegetation, temperatures and landscapes and Colombia´s unique biodiversity.

Group departures are available for specific dates. 

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Peru's most famous Hiking Adventure

Hike the famous Inca Trail! Hiking directly into Machu Picchu via the Sungate, just like the Inca’s did is a leading travel bucket list experience. The trail leads hikers along Inca Ruins, through Andean Plateaus with snow-capped mountains and through high jungle and cloud forest.

There are frequent departures solo travelers can easily join, they should however keep in mind that this trail requires a permit and a limited number of people are allowed to trek per day – these spots fill quickly so booking well in advance is recommended!

Inca Trail Peru

Andes Mountains Trekking

Hiking Adventure in Maipo Valley

This day tour takes hikers out to Chile´s Andes Mountains. During an exciting day trek they will explore the Morado Natural Monument in the Maipo Valley located only a short drive away from Santiago. It is the perfect experience for everybody who wants to escape Santiago for a day, join an active trekking tour and experience the real Andes Mountains. The tour includes visiting some lovely hot spring where hikers can relax after a day full of adventure.

Departures confirm with a minimum of 2 people and during high season usually there are at least 1-2 confirmed departures per week.

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