Colombia's Best Birding Destinations

Colombia’s cloud forests, paramos, rainforests, plains, lowlands, snowcapped peaks, and one of the highest coastal mountain ranges in the world provide diverse habitats and ecosystems for numerous different bird species.
Colombia counts more than 1,920 bird species including 70 endemics, over 200 migrants and at least 160 hummingbirds.
This is why Colombia is considered the world’s number 1 spot for birding. Read about the best places to spot the birds of Colombia and some of the species that can be found in each region.

Llanos Orientales

The Llanos Orientales (Eastern Plains) are extensive Savannas located in the in the Oricono River basin of the unexplored Orinoquia region. The vast rivers and swamps of this region are home to around 470 species of birds. Birders encounter excellent birdwatching opportunities and on a good day might be able to count up to 130 sighted species.
Birds that can typcially be spotted in this area include the Prehistoric Hoatzin, the Horned Screamer, the Orinoco Goose, the Little Blue Heron and the Roseate Spoonbill.

Amazon Region

Colombia’s Amazon Region is characterized by tropical rainforest and subject to a huge amount of yearly rainfall. The region is known for its beautiful flora and fauna and cosidered a bird watching paradise.
Over 750 bird species inhabit the Colombian Amazon among which the White-eared Jacamar, the Lettered Aracari, the Ochre-the Olive-spotted Hummingbird and several Macaws are popular targets for birders.

Santa Marta

The unique Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is the world’s highest coastal mountain range. The region popular for birders as ut is a very important endemic bird area that hosts 22 bird species that can only be found here. 
Some of these endemics birds include the Screech-Owl, the Antpitta, the Tanager, the Tapaculo, the Parakeet, the Grassquit and the Mananakin.

Pacific Coast & Choco Region

The Colombian Pacific Coast and Choco are one of the world’s most humid regions and the area is considered a biodiversity hotspot. Several ecosystems including mangroves, beaches, rainforests, and cloud forests on the Andean slopes host around 650 bird species.
Main targets of birders are the Baudo Oropendola, the Great Currassow, the Choco Tinamou and the Blue Cotinga.

Andes Region

The Colombian Andes are divided into three different mountain ranges, separated by the Cauca and Magdalena valleys. Vegetation and ecosytems change with changing elevations as do the bird species that live in each area.
The Colombian Andes are home to around 900 different bird species and birds that can be found here include the Beautiful Woodpecker, the Little Tinamou and the Colombian Chachalaca.

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