Planning your Trip with Family, Friends, as a Couple or Solo

Have you ever planned to travel somewhere but weren’t sure with whom you should visit your dream destination? Choosing the right travel partner is key for a great travel experience. Whomever you decide to take – your family, partner or friends – it it important that your share common interests and expectations. Lots of travelers that don’t have a travel companion decide to join a group of like-minded people while others opt to go solo and especially  “Solo Women Travel” is becoming increasingly popular. Here are some thoughts and recommendations, regarding all options.

Traveling with Your Family

Traveling in family is a great way to spend some quality time together and deepen your family bonds, especially if you do not have the chance to see each other a lot during the year. Catch up, enjoy some fun-activities together and create lasting common memories with whoever your family travel partner is. This can be your children, parents, sisters and brothers or even your grandchildren. Multi-generational trips are actually an excellent way to celebrate milestones, such as graduations, anniversaries or birthdays.

Our favorite Trip for Families: Amazon Wildlife Tour Peru

Traveling with your Friends

Traveling with your friends usually is a lot of fun and even years after the trip your can relive your travel memories. It is often so much laughter to remember all the funny things that happened during your journeys together. Just make sure that your friends really have the same idea as you about how they want to spend their holiday, otherwise a holiday together could turn into a challenge for your friendship.

Our favorite Trip for Friends: Multi-Sport Adventure Tour Costa Rica

Couple traveling together

Traveling as a Couple

Traveling with your couple can be both a lot of fun as well as romantic. Trying out new things and take new challenges together is a wonderful bonding experience. If you just started your relation it is also a good way to test your relationship. While on holiday, you usually spend much more time together than in daily life, thus this is a great way to get to know the other person better. 

Our favorite Trip for Couples: Galapagos Wildlife Cruise

Going Solo

Traveling solo gives you ultimate freedom and plenty of moments for reflection, growth and self-discovery. But at the same time it is a great opportunity to meet new people as it opens spaces for interactions, both with locals as well as other travelers. The downside of traveling solo is that after the trip you don’t have anybody who shares your same memories. But in times of social media some of your followers and friends can join these virtually at least.

Our favorite Solo Travel Trip: W-Trek Self-Guided

Joining a Group

Joining a group is a great idea if you like to travel with others who share common interest or enjoy similar kind of activities. What is especially great about group trips are the dynamics happening within the group from the start of the journey until their end. You start traveling with strangers, but spending a lot of time and extraordinary moments together, makes you bond, and often you leave new friends when the tour comes to its end.

Our favorite Group Trip: Hiking Ecuador’s Volcanoes

Who is going to be your travel companion on your next trip? If you need assistance planning your trip get in touch with our Travel Specialists!

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