How to Survive Your Trip in Latin America If You Are Vegan

Are you a vegan and planning to travel to Latin America? Finding vegan food during your trip can be challenging at times as meat and fish are central ingredients of the majority of Latin America’s typical dishes. But don’t worry, here comes some advise that will help you to find your way around as a Vegan.

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Order a Vegan Meal on Your Flight

Even though airline food rarely is anything extraordinary, most airlines can cater specific dietary requirements and will be able to provide a vegan meal for you. You should advise your airline at least 72 hours before your flight’s departure that you will need vegan food on your flights.

Learn some Spanish

The concept of Veganism might not be clear to everybody and eventually confused with being vegetarian and in some cases you even need to explain that not eating meat includes not eating chicken (for some Latin Americans chicken isn’t considered “meat”). It is helpful if at restaurants you can clearly explain your dietary needs and know the Spanish words for things that you don’t eat, to be sure of avoiding any confusion.

• I am vegan – Soy vegano
• I do not eat animal products, no eggs, dairy products or food cooked in animal fat. – No como productos de origen animal, no como huevos, productos lácteos, o comida cocinada en grasa animal.

Search for Vegan Restaurants

In most larger cities in Latin America, you will be able to find very good vegan-friendly or even fully vegan restaurants. There are plenty or resources available that will help you finding suitable dining options such as specific groups on facebook, vegan instagramers or apps (such as Happy Cow).

Buy some Snacks

Buying a couple of vegan snacks and treats you carry around with you, will help you in case you get hungry in a place where vegan options are scarce. Good options for snacks are nuts, seeds, granola bars or fruits. At local markets you will find an immense variety of delicious fruits and discover some rare and exotic fruits you cannot find back home. Fruits are usually good quality, cheap and come from the local area. Carrying a small pocket knife to enable you to peel your fruits and a small food container is practical. (but remember to put your knife it in your checked luggage!)

Notify with Anticipation

On most tours you will be able get vegan food as long as you advise about your requirements with some anticipation. Remember that in remote destinations some logistics might be necessary to obtain vegan food. Give your local operator the chance to prepare well for your requirements by advising about your vegan diet at least a couple of weeks before your arrival.

Are you considering signing up for a trip but aren’t sure if your vegan dietary needs can be met?
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If you are interested in a fully vegan vacation, take a look at our Vegan Trekking Adventure in Peru scheduled for May 2020.

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