5 Delicious Traditional Latin America Dishes that are Vegan.

Are you planning to travel to Latin America and wondering about vegan food option? Here are 5 delicious traditional Latin America dishes that are (or can be) vegan.

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Porotos Granados (Chile)

Porotos granados is a hearty traditional dish of the Chilean cuisine commonly served during the summer season. All ingredients of this healthy bean stew are vegan: beans, tomatoes, corn, pumpkins, onions and basil.

Causa Limeña Vegan Style (Peru)

Causa Limena is a typical and very delicious dish of Peru that is eaten as a cold entree. It is made of potato pure, avocadoes and the vegan version often carries mushrooms.

Gallo Pinto (Costa Rica)

Gallo Pinto (which translates to “Painted Rooster”), is a rice and beans dish typically eaten in Costa Rica for breakfast. It consists of white rice and black beans seasoned with plant-based Salsa Lizano. It is usually served with eggs, natilla (sour cream), plantains, tortillas and cheese but vegans can ask to skip the eggs and natilla.

Arepas (Colombia)

Arepas are one of the most traditional dishes of Colombia. They are made of ground maize dough and are a gluten free and healthy alternative to bread. They come stuffed with endless filling combinations and vegans can enjoy them with mushrooms, avocado, beans or plantains.

Vegan Taco (Mexico)

A taco is one of the most popular Mexican dishes.
It consists of a corn tortilla stuffed with various ingredients. A vegan burrito can be stuffed with avocado beans, rice, and various other vegetables.

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If you are interested in a fully vegan vacation, take a look at our Vegan Trekking Adventure in Peru scheduled for May 2020.

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