Travel Insurance for Your Trip to Latin America

Travel Insurance for Your Trip to Latin America

When traveling, last minute complications, accidents or other events that disrupt your travel plans can occasionally occur.

The most typical inconveniences include last minute trip cancellation due to unexpected events back home, sickness or accidents while traveling, flight delays or lost, stolen or damaged luggage. Occasionally health issues or the death of a family member might force you to return back home earlier than expected.

Such events might cause high extra expenses. If you cancel your trip last minute usually no refund of trip costs will be made. Due to injuries or accidents you might be unable to continue your trip and incur medical expenses, which might often be much more expensive than in your home country. Flight delays due to natural disasters, strikes or airline/airport issues may mean that you may not arrive on time to begin your trip and unexpected extra costs for additional lodging or extra transportation necessary to catch up with your original travel plans might incur. In case your luggage gets lost or does not arrive on time you might need to replace equipment.

We recommend you to invest in a good travel insurance policy before embarking on your trip to Latin America. For the majority of trips operated by our local partners it is compulsory that you purchase appropriate medical and emergency insurance. If you visit remote areas during your trip, please double check that your insurance covers appropriate emergency rescue and evacuation (e.g. helicopter evacuation), which can be very expensive in remote places with limited means of transportation available. Please make sure that your policy is appropriate for the kind of trip and type of activities you’ll be participating in, for example high altitude trekking, mountaineering/climbing or mountain biking. In addition to medical and emergency insurance we strongly recommend to purchase cancellation insurance.

There are multiple travel insurance providers covering adventure travel. We are not experts on travel insurance and recommend to carefully compare different policies, read the fine print, exclusions and description of coverage to make sure the insurance you choose fits well with the characteristics of your trip. If something is not fully clear, please consult your insurance company with any specific questions.
A popular company that provides travel insurance is World Nomads.

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