Virtual Travel to Latin America in Times of Coronavirus

 The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected everyone around the world and travel has been put on hold temporarily.
While you cannot visit Latin America personally, we invite you to connect with our favorite destinations virtually.

We asked Sine who works for our local Colombian partner company how she and her team are experiencing the pandemic.
Sine tells us how they are supporting Colombia’s most vulnerable people affected by the pandemic, how you can bring Colombia’s unique nature and wildlife to your home while you cannot visit her country personally and shares with us her travel recommendations for post-corona times. 

How Is the Situation in Your Region?

The Corona situation in Colombia is relatively under control. Colombia has made a mandatory quarantine since March 19, so everything is on hold and only strictly necessary businesses are allowed to open.

At this moment a reduced team is working from home. We are attending clients who had to postpone their trips and preparing us for the world after the Corona.

All crises lead to changes and we have decided to come out as a renewed, stronger greener and socially more engaged company. Therefore we are using the moment to adapt processes in order to gain the Travelife Certification in Sustainable Tourism.

Tourism and the industry are put on hold all over the world at this moment. But not the life expenses for the most vulnerable families amongst the network of our local collaborators. Therefore we have started a crowdfunding to the benefit of those persons: guides, drivers, hotel staff, horsemen, owners of farm houses and indigenous communities. Solidarity and union is the key in order to come out well on the other side!

Would you like to support Sine and the neediest people in Colombia with a donation? Contact us to send you more information about their project!

How Can People Bring Colombia to Their Home While They Can't Travel?

Colombia is famous for its biodiversity and wildlife. Its unique nature is one of the top reasons why people travel to Colombia. While this isn’t possible, there are several beautiful movies that will bring Colombia’s amazing nature and wildlife to your living room!

I especially recommend the Netflix movie “COLOMBIA WILD MAGIC”. It’s showing the country’s biodiversity and the native wildlife of Colombia. It’s a beautiful journey!

Colombia is also famous for having the greatest bird diversity in the world and for those interested in learning more about its birdlife there is a lovely series called “THE BIRDERS“. In five episodes you can experience Colombia’s most important regions for bird watching.

What Is Your Personal Travel Tip for Post-Corona Times?

I believe that active adventure travelling to remote natural areas is going to boom in the Post Corona times. My personal advice is to “travel slow”.

Go for the trips with few destinations, avoid the classical tourist attractions, experience the wildlife in a responsible way, enjoy the nature, include hikes and treks in your trip, visit local communities, and aim for a longer trip with free time to enjoy the simplicity.

A trip that combines all these things is a journey to the Colombian wetlands “Llanos Orientales” where you can experience the local lifestyle in a very authentic manner and see some of Colombia’s incredible wildlife. 

How is the situation in your country? Would you like to tell us your personal “coronavirus story”? Or is there anything else you would like to share with us? Drop us a line, we look forward to hearing from you!

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