Virtual Travel to Latin America in Times of Coronavirus

 The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected everyone around the world and travel has been put on hold temporarily.
While you cannot visit Latin America personally, we invite you to connect with our favorite destinations virtually.

Veronika works for our local partner company in Costa Rica and we asked her how she, her team and her family are experiencing the pandemic. Veronika tells us why she thinks that Costa Rica has done an amazing job to minimize the pandemic, how you can bring Costa Rica to your home while you cannot visit personally and shares with us some great travel tips for post-corona times. 

How Is the Situation in Your Region?

Costa Rica once again has shown to the world how giant it is, our strong democracy and our 71 years without army have allowed us to build a country with huge investment in education and social security. Those are the two strong pillars to understand why Costa Rica with 5 million inhabitants so far has contained the spread of the virus successfully.

So far we have 882 confirmed cases and from that number, we have 577 recoveries, in total, we only have 295 active cases of COVID-19 and unfortunately 10 deaths.

The quick health measures taken by our authorities and the good response of the isolation from most of the population were fundamental to decrease the curve of infection. This is our 10th week at home, and yes, it has been difficult, but we are optimistic that we will soon overcome this situation.

I live with my family in a small town called St. Domingo de Heredia about 10 km outside of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. We are quite happy and thankful to have a big spacious house and a garden, this made this time of isolation more bearable. We started planting more flowers and vegetables in the garden, converted an old furniture in a ping-pong-table for the kids and improved our cooking skills – actually I think the last weeks have been helpful to make our family bond stronger and we could enjoy the extra time together.

All our team members work from their home-offices and we came up with a plan to make the most out of this time: new itineraries, creative programs, due work on our homepage, strong presence on Social Media – again, we think the outcome so far has been positive!

All in all we have seen so much solidarity from our people, we are doing our best to help our local economy, we are going back to our roots, taking care of our families and loved ones, our earth, our environment, we are preparing ourselves to come back stronger than ever.

So yes, Costa Rica is the small giant exception, and we couldn’t be happier living and representing this land.

How Can People Bring Costa Rica to Their Home While They Can't Travel?

For nature themes, National Geographic has made several documentaries of Costa Rica, the last of them is called “Untamed Costa Rica”. This documentary shows the immense biodiversity of the rainforest. Amazing pictures, videos, and sounds were recorded by the famous channel.

Pucci’s photography books are another option. The Pucci’s are a Costa Rican family who is devoted to professional photography. They have captured thousands of unique themes, such as the Costa Rican trees during bloom seasons, volcanoes of Costa Rica, and the amazing waterfalls in Costa Rica.

If you want to feel closer to our culture, then once again I recommend Pucci’s movie called “Guilas” and to the sports lover I recommend to watch “Italia 90”  or “Hombre de Fe”, a movie that will explain you our soccer culture. “Ceniza Negra” is the latest Costa Rican drama, it was filmed on the Caribbean coast of the country and it shows our Afro-Caribbean culture.

If you want to practice or improve your Spanish then visit the YouTube channel of Hernand Jimenez, a standup comedy artist. This young Costa Rican man is well known for making good jokes of the Costa Ricans’ particular habits.

What Is Your Personal Travel Tip for Post-Corona Times?

More than ever it is necessary to receive information from your local experts. The focus point of each trip has always been safety, but nowadays we know we must go beyond and work only with business partners that will offer exceptional hygiene measures to safeguard the well being of each traveler.

We recommend to avoid big group travel and rather choose individual itineraries with a rented car that will allow you to explore the country freely. A trekking tour is the perfect holiday to go off the beaten path and explore the Costa Rican nature away from the crowds.

We have also developed an exclusive family program taking into account the above recommendations, during which families will explore the rainforest with the most incredible activities, such as zip-lining or walking on hanging bridges in the enigmatic cloud forest, or rafting in the Balsa river and of course a lovely stay at the beach!

We are experts with more than 10 years of experience in creating custom made programs and we will be using all our expertise to deliver you a safe trip post corona times. Nos vemos pronto! Pura Vida!

How is the situation in your country? Would you like to tell us your personal “coronavirus story”? Or is there anything else you would like to share with us? Drop us a line, we look forward to hearing from you!

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