Why Now Is the Time to Plan the Family Holiday You Always Dreamed Of

Traveling in family is a great way to spend some quality time together, deepen your family bonds, and make long-lasting memories. Especially if you do not have the chance to see each other a lot during the year, vacaction time often is the year‘s most important moment to catch up.

But these are not normal times. The Coronavirus pandemic has brought travel to a standstill and many families had to put their travel plans on hold. At the same time, lockdowns and social distancing measures have isolated us from our beloved ones.

Even though no one knows how long COVID-19 will last, we are positive the situation will evolve in a positive way and travel swing back to normal in 2021. Here is why we think that now is the time to start planning a family vacation for post-covid times which will make up for time lost.

Re-Connect With Your Beloved Ones

Traveling with family, spending quality time together and enjoying some fun-activities in a family can bring you all closer together. This becomes especially important after having spent an extended time apart from your beloved ones.

If it feels like you’re losing touch during the pandemic, travel is a fantastic way to re-connect with your children, parents, sisters and brothers or grandchildren.

Pre-Trip Anticipation for the Whole Family

While we cannot travel, thinking about travel can make us happy.

For some people, pre-trip anticipation actually is the most enjoyable part of a vacation. Discussing about and planning a vacaction together with your other family members is a great way to escape from the realities of life for a moment. 

If you have a common goal to look forward to, this might event re-connect you before starting your trip together.

Tick off Your Family's Bucket List Now

The pandemic is causing a lot of people to rethink what’s important to them. Too often, we are saving up for once-in-a-lifetime trips for when time is right or waiting for the perfect moment to start making our dreams come true.

Coronavirus has shown us how uncertain life can be and how rapidly things can change. If you have a lists of places you have a desire to visit with your beloved ones, don’t wait until everything is perfect.

You and Your Family Deserve It!

Most of us will truly need a vacation and some time to relax, enjoy themselves and explore new places after Corona.

Multi-generational trips have always been a popular way to celebrate important events in life. Don‘t you agree that overcoming a pandemic will be such an important event and that your family deserves some special time together after all?

Latin America is waiting for you!

Latin America holds enormous appeal across the generations: parents, grandparents, children and teenagers. And it has everything both young and old adventurers are craving for during these difficult times.

Iconic hiking trails, vast and endless natural spaces in Patagonia, which awaits families with a diversity of activities – some of them even suitable for families with young children. How about spotting penguins or playing to be a Gaucho for a day?

Those who look for magical wildlife encounters, beautiful beaches and enjoy exploring with the freedom of an own rental car should consider Costa Rica, a perfect adventure playground for young and grown up kids.

And if your family is interested in fascinating anscient culture and wonders, consider visiting Peru and the mighty Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

There is something for every family in Latin America and as a plus Latinos are notoriously welcoming towards children!

Are you planning to visit Latin America with your family after the Coronavirus pandemic?

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Questions? Drop us a line, our Travel Specialists will be happy to help you!

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