Adventure Travel in Latin America

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Hiking & Trekking Tours

A hiking vacation is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature. With every footstep you take, you connect with the place you are visiting. Latin America is a truly superb part of the world for a walking vacation and some of the world’s most famous bucket-list hiking trails are found within it’s countries: the Inca Trail in Peru and the O-Circuit and W-Trek in Torres del Paine or the trek to Colombia’s Lost City. But, in addition to this, we also know some of Latin America’s more off the beaten path hiking tours! How about exploring Brazil’s Lençóis Maranhenses National Park on foot, trek to Peru’s Trek to the the incredible multi-colored Rainbow Mountains or climbing Ecuador’s volcanoes

Cycling Tours

Whether you‘re a mountain biker or a road cycler, whether you just fancy a day of cycling within your trip or a multi-day bike adventure, Latin American has some very exciting options for bike lovers. Cycle on your bike along the picturesque landscapes of volcanoes, lakes, waterfalls and rivers in Chile’s Lake District, explore Chile’s Atacama Desert by mountain bike or mountain bike or join a truly adventurous multi-sport tour and cross Costa Rica by mountain bike, exploring its rainforest and beaches.

Multi-Sport Adventures

Participate in Latin America’s most thrilling adventures and activities during a Multi-Sport Tour. The mountains, volcanoes, trails, beaches, rivers and forests of Central and South America are perfect natural playground for countless exciting activities and outdoor sports: hiking, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, horseback-riding, swimming, snorkeling or zip-lining. Cross Costa Rica by mountain bike, foot, raft or sea kayak using only your muscles or actively explore Ecuador’s highlights and witness the spectacular Avenue of Volcanoes while hiking and biking on the slopes of the Andes.

Wildlife Tours

Latin America hosts some of the world’s best place to spot wildlife! The Galapagos Islands top the bucket list of many wildlife lovers as they offers visitor a wealth of amazing up-close wildlife viewing: giant tortoises, lava lizards, sea turtles, penguins, sea lions, the cute blue-footed boobies and many other bird species. Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park has been described by National Geographic as one of the most biologically intense places on earth where you can encounter sloths, tapirs, anteaters, scarlet macaws, toucans, and monkeys. Brazil’s Pantanal as one of the worlds’s largest continuous wetland systems is another fantastic place to spot wildlife, with some luck event the elusive jaguar. Alternatively, explore Peru’s Amazon Rainforest and experience one of the wildest, least impacted habitats in the world or go Whale-Watching in Mexico.

Local Culture & Community Tours

Immerse into the culture of Latin America during community based tourism experiences and authentic encounters with locals, their culture and traditions. Travel to places where locals have well conserved their customs and habits, visit local communities, try local food, learn about local life and get an authentic inside in Latin America’s real culture. In Peru’s Amazon Rainforest you can learn about local life, culture and the traditions of the Native Community of Infierno, the real guardians of Peru’s Rainforest. Meet the Mapuche, the indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile to learn about their culture, livelihoods and ancestral knowledge or immerse yourself into the Atacameñan culture, to learn about the daily life of the local inhabitants of Chile’s Atacama Desert. Alternatively, stay at a typical Patagonian Estancia and learn how to ride a horse the Patagonian “gaucho style”, the culture and work of the Gauchos as well as about the Kawesqar, the native people who used to live in this area for centuries.

Tailor-Made Tours & Bespoke Travel

Maybe you are looking for a family adventure holiday, a unique honeymoon destination or innovative accommodation options? Whatever you have in mind for your tailor-made holiday in Central or South America, we’ll be happy to help and design a unique trip that fits with your interests, tastes and budget. Share your ideas with us we will turn them turn into reality and the travel experience of your lifetime!