Experience Latin America from Home: Brazil

Polyana lives in Sao Paulo and works for our local Brazilian partner company. She tells us about her current daily life in Brazil, how you can bring a part of Brazil to your home while you cannot visit her country personally and her personal travel advise for post-corona times. … Read More

Transformational Travel & Tree Climbing

Cathy Brown traveled to the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest to a unique jungle lodge run by the lovely couple Vanessa and Leo. There she had the chance to connect with nature from a different perspective, seeing the world from the top of the trees with a bird’s eye view of the rainforest. She tells us about the emotions and fears she faced during her trip and how this experience has contributed to her personal growth. … Read More

Sustainable Hotels in Latin America

In recent years more and more hotels in Latin America have implemented some sustainable practices in their operations and eco-friendly travel is on the rise. However, levels of environmental commitment still vary widely.
Here is a list of five gorgeous hotels in Latin America that we consider to be real Eco-Heroes. … Read More

Trekking Group during Hiking Vacaction in South America

Our favorite Trekking Adventures – Hiking Tours in Latin America

Latin America features some of the world’s most famous hiking trails and the region is without doubt an excellent choice for trekking and hiking lovers.
Here are our personal favorite hiking tours, including some of Latin America’s lesser known trekking gems, perfect for adventure travelers who love to go off the beaten path. … Read More