Experience Latin America from Home: Colombia

Sine who works for our local Colombian partner company tells how they are supporting Colombia’s most vulnerable people during the pandemic and how you can bring Colombia’s unique nature and wildlife to your home while you cannot visit her country personally. … Read More

Latin America’s Most Epic Treks

Are you looking for once-in-a-lifetime hiking experience in South America that is taking you away from the beaten path? Here is a list of the 5 most epic hikes of the region, compiled for passionate and experienced hikers looking for a real challenge. … Read More

Spotting the Birds of Colombia

Colombia is considered the world’s number 1 spot for birding. Read about the best places to spot the birds of Colombia and some of the species that can be found in each region. … Read More

Hotels for Coffee Lovers

If you are interested to deepen your understanding of coffee or chocolate production, here is a list of hotels located on coffee or cacao farms and surrounded by gorgeous landscapes. … Read More

Adventure Honeymoons in Latin America

Looking for the perfect honeymoon experience or a unique honeymoon destination?
Here is a selection of action-packed honeymoon trips for adventurous couples who like to be active in their holiday and search for something more unique than the typical all-inclusive beach resort. … Read More

Sustainable Hotels in Latin America

In recent years more and more hotels in Latin America have implemented some sustainable practices in their operations and eco-friendly travel is on the rise. However, levels of environmental commitment still vary widely.
Here is a list of five gorgeous hotels in Latin America that we consider to be real Eco-Heroes. … Read More

Hiking Trips for Solo Travelers – Latin America´s best Treks & Adventures for Singles

Traveling solo can be awesome. We believe not having anyone to travel with should never be a reason to postpone this great adventure you have been dreaming about for so long. Here are 7 group tours perfect for solo travelers. … Read More

The Colombian Cowboys

The Colombian Llanos or Eastern Plains are vast tropical plains made up of floodable savannas, woodlands, and grasslands. Territories in this area are organized as ‘hatos’, cattle farms run by the Llaneros, the Colombian Cowboys.
Read about our stay at Hato La Aurora with the local Barragán Family.
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