Off the beaten Path

Remote Places in Chile

Chile’s South is the perfect place for those searching for less touristed destinations and wide-open spaces for their next vacation. Vast untouched landscapes, scenic nature, lakes, rivers, fjords and glaciers and endless opportunities for outdoor exploration like hiking, cycling or kayaking.
If you are searching a remote destination for your first post-pandemic getaway, these 5 trips are definitely worth taking a look at. … Read More

Inca Trail Alternatives

Here are four alternatives to the classical Inca Trail that we especially recommend if your were planning to hike the Inca Trail and but did not manage to buy your permit on time. … Read More

Hiking the Ausangate Trek

In May 2019 we hiked the 4 Day Ausangate & Rainbow Mountain Trek, an amazing and less-known route in the shadow of Ausangate Mountain that finishes with a visit of Rainbow Mountain. Our day by day journal will tell you how typically each day on this trail is spent and what to expect when joining a trekking adventure in Peru. … Read More

Peru’s Best Treks

Peru is a dream destination for Trekking! The most popular treks include the Inca Trail and Salkantay Trek as well as the Rainbow Mountain Trek. Besides these well-known routes there are alternatives that go off the beaten path like the Choquequirao and Ausangate Trek.
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Patagonia’s Best Hikes – Our favorite Trekking Adventures in Patagonia

Patagonia is Latin America’s mecca of outdoor and trekking fans and features some of the world’s most famous hiking trails.
These 5 adventures include the popular favorites of the region plus some of Patagonia’s lesser known trekking gems. … Read More

Trekking Group during Hiking Vacaction in South America

Our favorite Trekking Adventures – Hiking Tours in Latin America

Latin America features some of the world’s most famous hiking trails and the region is without doubt an excellent choice for trekking and hiking lovers.
Here are our personal favorite hiking tours, including some of Latin America’s lesser known trekking gems, perfect for adventure travelers who love to go off the beaten path. … Read More

Beyond the Inca Trail – Hiking Peru off the beaten path

If you fancy an off the beaten path hiking adventure in Peru, away from the crowds, along stunning mountain landscapes and natural sceneries that are equally (or even more) exciting than the Inca Trail, make sure to check out our 3 favorite and amazing alternative trekking routes around Cusco. … Read More

Caleta Condor in Mapu Lahual in Chile

Mapu Lahual Community Hike

Here are 10 reasons why everybody who loves trekking as much as we do should add a community based hiking tour in Mapu Lahual to his Chile itinerary. … Read More