Sustainable Travel

Vegan Travel in Latin America

Are you a vegan and planning to travel to Latin America? Finding vegan food during your trip can be challenging at times as meat and fish are central ingredients of the majority of Latin America’s typical dishes. But don’t worry, here comes some advise that will help you to find your way around as a Vegan. … Read More

Becoming a more Sustainable Traveler

As a conscious and sustainable traveler you should do your best to limit your impact on the places you visit and not buy bottled water during your trips. There are several methods how to clean and purify water which depending on the method you chose work for tap water or even for water you take from streams. … Read More

Sustainable Hotels in Latin America

In recent years more and more hotels in Latin America have implemented some sustainable practices in their operations and eco-friendly travel is on the rise. However, levels of environmental commitment still vary widely.
Here is a list of five gorgeous hotels in Latin America that we consider to be real Eco-Heroes. … Read More

Andean Cultures & Community Tour Salta

Community Based Tourism in Latin America

Latin America is an incredibly cultural diverse travel destination. Fascinating local traditions combined with the warm welcome of the local population are some of the reasons that make a trip to the region a memorable experience.
We talked with Hervé from Argentina who works with one of our local partners about Community Based Tourism. … Read More

Beyond the Inca Trail – Hiking Peru off the beaten path

If you fancy an off the beaten path hiking adventure in Peru, away from the crowds, along stunning mountain landscapes and natural sceneries that are equally (or even more) exciting than the Inca Trail, make sure to check out our 3 favorite and amazing alternative trekking routes around Cusco. … Read More

Sustainable Tourism in Torres del Paine

Conservation in Torres del Paine National Park

The Torres del Paine Legacy Fund is a non-profit initiative that works to protect and enhance this iconic destination through locally led sustainability initiatives.
We spoke with the fund’s director, Emily Green, about its history, their conservation work and what travelers can do to support Torres del Paine’s long-term health. … Read More

Caleta Condor in Mapu Lahual in Chile

Mapu Lahual Community Hike

Here are 10 reasons why everybody who loves trekking as much as we do should add a community based hiking tour in Mapu Lahual to his Chile itinerary. … Read More

Sustainable agriculture in coffee farm in Costa Rica

Sustainable Tourism & Coffee Farming in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is well known for its delicious, and by some even declared world´s best coffee. Coffee production has played a key role in Costa Rica’s history and is still one the country’s key export products. Learn how Cafe de Monteverde manages to combine sustainable agriculture and coffee farming with sustainable tourism. … Read More