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Discover the country of gauchos and tango and its diverse landscapes and facets. Travel from the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires to the stunning Iguazú Falls in the subtropical north of Argentina, selected as one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World”. Experience a desert scenery and Andean cultures in Northern Argentina around Salta. Spot Argentina’s diverse wildlife and see whales, penguins and sea lions in Pensinsula Valdez. Explore the virgin and remote landscapes, glaciars and fjords of Patagonia in the country’s very south and at the end of the world in Tierra del Fuego. Visit the famous Perito Moreno Glacier, hike in Los Glaciares National Park, ride on a horseback and learn about Argentina’s gaucho culture.


Brazil fascinates visitors with its numerous natural beauty spots: Jungles and tropical forests, white-sand beaches, tropical islands, rivers, the thundering Iguazu waterfalls, lakes and mountains as well as well-kept secrets like the magical Lençóis Maranhenses. Wildlife fans will enjoy Brazil’s diverse ecosystems, the wetlands of the Pantanal or the Amazon rainforest where they can spot numerous animal species. Among these toucans, monkeys, pink dolphins, sea turtles or even Brazil’s most elusive predator – the jaguar. The country hosts fascinating traditional communities and adventure enthusiast encounter several spots to practices their favorite adventure travel activity: snorkeling, horseback riding, hiking, or canoeing. Of course no trip to Brazil is complete without a visit of the cosmopolitan city Rio de Janeiro.


Travel to the land of extremes and a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers! San Pedro de Atacama is an oasis in Northern Chile located in the world’s driest desert with geyser fields, vast salt flats, lunar landscapes and blue altiplano lagoons. Head south to encounter Chile’s authentic local culture, meeting with the indigenous Mapuche communities or explore the scenic routes of Chile’s lovely Lake District with its lakes and volcanoes by bicycle. Trekking lovers can’t miss Patagonia and Torres del Paine National Park. This hiker’s paradise, famous for the so called “Torres del Paine W-Trek” and the “Torres del Paine O-Circuit“, awaits hikers with an immense scenery of dramatic granite peaks, turquoise blue lakes and forests shaped by the strong Patagonian winds. In Patagonia’s very south, were lands end, adventurers encounter the world’s most southern trekking route, the Dientes de Navarino Circuit. And as one of Latin America’s safest places to visit, Chile also is the perfect holiday destination for family travel.


Colombia has been emerging from the dark shadow of its reputation into one of Latin America's brightest stars. It borders both the Pacific and the Caribbean and travelers encounter a huge range of amazing landscapes and ecosystems: vast tropical plains, cloudforested mountains, Amazon rainforest, tropical beaches and snowcapped Andean summits. Colombia’s varied terrain is an exciting playground for adventurers who come to Colombia to climb, hike and practice all other kinds of outdoor activities. Fans of history and archaeology will be impressed by Colombia’s gorgeous colonial cities and archaeological ruins like the famous Lost City and the Zona Cafetera is home to some of the world’s best coffee. Colombia is also a birding paradise as it is the country with most bird species on the planet and a wonderful place to spot diverse wildlife

Costa Rica

Pura Vida! Costa Rica is considered a paradise on earth by many, offering diverse and exciting travel experiences for everybody: it features excellent places for wildlife watching and nature tours and the most biodiverse place on earth. The multiple exciting travel activities Costa Rica offers to its visitors include rafting, trekking and cycling for adventure seekers as well as beautiful beaches to relax. As one of Latin America’s safest places to visit Costa Rica also is the perfect holiday destination for family travel or self-drive tours.

Ecuador & Galapagos

Ecuador might be the smallest Andean nation, but the country is said to cover four worlds in only one place. From the Pacific Coast to the breathtaking heights of the Andes mountains, from the Amazon rainforest to the Wildlife paradise Galapagos Islands – Ecuador offers a lot to get excited about. Visitors encounters amazing landscapes, beautiful colonial cities, Inca treasures, isolated indigenous populations plus plenty of adventure travel activities like trekking, canyoning, cycling, white-water rafting and of course a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts.


Mexico is an infinitely diverse travel destination, home to stunning natural attractions, abundant historical and archaeological sites, diverse cultures, friendly and incredibly hospitable people and a cuisine popular throughout the whole world. Visit fascinating ancient Aztec and Maya sites, experience traditional indigenous culture and hike through the mountains of Oaxaca’s Sierra Norte or swim and snorkel with sea lions and search for whales in the turquoise-colored sea of Baja California. Raft along the waterfalls of Chiapas or taste amazing food in the cosmopolitan neighborhoods of Mexico City. Nature lovers will encounter incredible contrasting landscapes: exotic cactus forests, snow-capped volcanic peaks, inhospitable deserts and steppes, endless jungles and beautiful beaches.


Peru surprises its visitors with mysterious cultures, magnificently beautiful landscapes, stunning hiking trails and amazing wildlife encounters. Explore the land of the Incas and Sacred Valley and hike the famous Inca Trail or trek towards Machu Picchu on a less traveled alternative hiking route passing the beautiful sites of Choquequirao or on the Ancascocha Trail. In Peru’s Rainbow Mountains hikers encounter a new and impressive hiking route traversing an incredibly colorful mountain landscape. Discover fascinating villages and Quechua Indian markets and experience the local inhabitant’s culture or discover Peru’s amazing and diverse natural wildlife on a trip into Peru’s Jungle and the Amazon Rainforest.

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