Pantanal Wildlife Safari – 5 Day Wildlife Expedition in Brazil´s Northern Pantanal

Pantanal Wildlife Safari

5 Day Wildlife & Multi-Activity Tour in Brazil's Northern Pantanal

Wildlife Experience Brazil 5 Days Local Lodge All year round Small Group

From US$ 555 per Person

Our Local Partner for This Trip

Our partner is a small, but experienced tourism company based in Brazil specializing in tailor-made travel, off the beaten track excursions and community based tourism. The company is determined to get the largest portion of the clients' investments directly into the communities and destinations visited and suppliers are selected based on their commitment with the environment, community and local culture.

Trip Facts: Pantanal Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari

Observe Pantanal's fascinating wildlife! Animals you are likely to see on the tours are capybara, caimans, armadillos, turtles, monkeys, foxes, anteaters, many birds and much more.


Get to know the Pantanal from different perspectives during an exiting range of activities available at the lodge including trekking, canoeing, or horseback riding as well as boat trips and walking safaris.

Family-Run Lodge

Overnight in a newly renovated friend and family-run lodge in the Northern Pantanal. The lodge awaits you with an authentic atmosphere and tasty home-made food. Rooms are simple but very cozy and include ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning.


The Pantanal is one of the worlds's largest continuous wetland systems and one of Brazil's best places to spot wildlife. During this 5 day trip you will explore the Northern Pantanal and be able to see a fabulous variety of mammals and birds. Animals typically spotted in the surroundings of the lodge include capybara, caimans, armadillos, turtles, monkeys, foxes, anteaters, many birds and much more. The tour is perfect for adventurous travelers who enjoy to participate in different kind of activities during their holiday - excursions available at the lodge include trekking, canoeing, or horseback riding as well as boat trips and walking safaris. For those with a deep interest in spotting jaguars, a full day tour dedicated to jaguar spotting can be booked as an add-on.

  • Transfer from Cuiabá’s airport to your hotel, a family-run lodge in the Northern Pantanal located in a region that offers a lot of wildlife observation possibilities
  • On the way, you will drive past incredible scenery, along the Transpantaneira highway and there will be plenty of stops to spot fauna that may cross your path and take pictures
  • During the afternoon you will have time to relax and walk around the green spaces surrounding the lodge, recline with a drink and and learn more about your next day’s itinerary
  • In the evening visit an observation deck to watch a glorious sun setting over the Pantanal
  • Start your day with a canoe tour on the river
  • Spot the famed alligator as well as other species of water dwelling animals, and those who circulate in the tree tops near the river
  • After lunch, you will have some time to relax at the lodge, and enjoy some pool time to cool off in the mid-day’s heat and sun
  • In the late afternoon, head on a walking safari during which you will be able to spot numerous animals and enjoy views of the Rio Claro River and the vast expanse of the region from a viewing tower
  • After breakfast join a typical “panteiro” activity – learn how the local people ride their horses, and mount your own horse for a horseback ride
  • The ride takes you through dry and flooded parts and you will get the chance to see deer, several large wild animals, different species of turtle, and various types of birds
  • In the late afternoon embark on a boat tour during which you will have the chance to get to know the beauty and exuberance of Pantanal fauna and flora
  • See the natural habitat of birds, mammals and reptiles that lie out on river banks or simply hear the songs of the birds
  • Get up close and personal with the micro-life of the Pantanal during a walk during which you will keep an eye out for the Pantanal’s small animals as well as local plants, trees and flowers
  • After lunch, transfer back to Cuiabá on the Transpantaneira highway
  • Spend the afternoon relaxing at your hotel’s pool bar or head to some of Cuiabá’s tourist attractions located within walking distance
  • Transfer from Your hotel in Cuiabá to the airport

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Pantanal Wildlife Safari (5 Day Tour)

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