Mapuche Culture & Traditions

4 Day Culture & Nature Tour in Elicura Valley

Culture & Community Experience Chile / Elicura Valley 4 Days Mapuche Cabin All year round Small Group

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Our local Partner for this Trip

Our local partner is a Chilean Tour Operator that specializes in community based tourism and meaningful travel experiences. They have a profund commitment to generating benefits for local communities through the tourism experiences they offer. The company is certified by the Chilean sustainable tourism certification “Sello S”, is one of the Chilean tourism industry’s few B Corps and financially supports the World Indigenous Tourism Alliance.

Trip Facts: Mapuche Culture & Traditions

Mapuche Culture & Traditions

Learn about the culture, livelihoods and ancestral knowledge of the Mapuche, meeting local community members who will share their history and stories with you.

Local Traditional Food

Taste typical traditional food made from local and seasonal products, including specialties such as wheat coffee, maqui, natural cheese, kneaded bread, sopaipillas or mate, among others.

Hand-On Workshops

Try out some traditional activities practiced by the Mapuche people: spin wool, weave looms and prepare typical gastronomy.

Nature of Southern Chile

Explore the natural attractions of Elicura Valley, visit the beautiful Antihuala Lagoon and its surroundings and admire the ancient Araucaria Trees of Nahuelbuta National Park.


The Mapuche are the indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile. This trip invites you to meet with the Mapuche community of the beautiful Elicura Valley. Share with them their culture, livelihoods and ancestral knowledge, in an experience of responsible rest and respectful harmony with nature.

  • Start the day enjoying a tasty breakfast with a great view of the Antihuala Lagoon.
  • Explore the natural attractions of the area, visit a waterfall next to Antihuala Lagoon and later walk through the nature of Caramavida along a beautiful river.
  • Learn about the history of Antihuala lagoon and a reforestation project that has planted 2,500 native trees.
  • Taste typical local food: a lunch prepared by members of the Women’s Work Cooperative, samples of rural snacks and a dinner in “Ruka Tegualda”, a typical Mapuche house.
  • Overnight in a Mapuche cabin which will be your home for the next nights.
  • Learn the process of harvesting and manufacturing Chilean hazelnuts, an activity deeply rooted in Mapuche history.
  • Taste different delicious hazelnut products: coffee, chocolate, cake, tortillas and jams.
  • Visit a conservation project and participate in some hands-on activities such as cultivation, observation of restored areas or tree planting.
  • Walk through a native forest observing its biodiversity – during the rainy season you will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of mushrooms.
  • Try out some traditional activities practiced by the Mapuche people: spin wool, weave looms and prepare typical gastronomy.
  • Learn about the Mapuche’s history during a guided tour of the Mapuche Culture Museum in Cañete village
  • Visit a wool weaver women learning more about this ancient trade
  • In the evening gather around a bonfire listening to ancient stories and traditional music.
  • Hike through the mountain trails of Nahuelbuta National Park, along ancient Araucaria trees, admiring impressive views of the ocean and volcanoes.
  • Enjoy an exquisite lunch made with local organic products.
  • Recover your body and spirit during a hot water bath with salts and medicinal herbs.
  • Head back to Santiago or your next destination by local bus.

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