Colombia Wildlife Adventure

Nature, Wildlife & Cowboy Culture in the Colombian Llanos

Wildlife Experience Colombia 4 Days Local Ranch November - March (dry season) Private Tour

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Our local Partner for this Trip

Our partner is a family-run adventure travel company that specializes in mountaineering and trekking holidays. The company commits to sustainable and fair trade practices and has been cooperating with local communities to develop new sustainable practices that focus on protecting the nature and culture for the future generations.

Trip Facts: Colombia Wildlife Adventure

Llanos Wildlife

Encounter abundant wildlife including Anacondas, the Giant Anteater, the critically endangered Orinoco Crocodile (one of the rarest reptiles on Earth), Spectacled Cayman and the typical Llanos Capybara, the world’s largest rodents.

Amazing Birdwatching

Grab your binoculars and enjoy a spectacular birding paradise! You will be able to see typical bird species of the Llanos like the magnificent Scarlet Ibis, Orinoco Goose, Roseate Spoonbill, Jabiru Stork or Horned Screamer, amongst many others.

Local Cowboy Culture

Stay at a typical Hato (ranch) and experience authentic local cowboy culture, characteristic of this area of Colombia. The ranch owners are true masters of harp music, local dances and art plus an impressive range of further capabilities.

Nature & Wildife Conservation

Hato La Aurora's owners, the Barragán family, are deeply committed to their mission to protect the hato and its amazing flora and fauna. Be part of a unique Colombian wildlife and nature conservation project.


Explore the Colombian Llanos or Eastern Plains, vast tropical plains made up of floodable savannas, woodlands, and grasslands. The territories are organized as 'hatos', cattle farms run by the Llaneros, the Colombian Cowboys. Stay at a typical Hato (cattle ranch) deep in an otherworldly landscape, where abundant wildlife, cowboy culture and harp music, dramatic sunrises and sunsets combine to give a truly unforgettable experience. The Colombian Llanos are still fairly undiscovered by tourists and the remoteness of the place adds to its unique and mystical atmosphere. A stunning off the beaten path destinations for all wildlife and nature lovers.

  • Arrival at Yopal and transfer by road and boat to Hato La Aurora, a typical cattle ranch
  • Enjoy a typical ‘a la Llanera’ lunch at the Hato residency of Juan Solito upon arrival
  • Learn about the local culture during a short introductory talk about the Hato
  • Full day Safari to witness Llanos wildlife, including the typical bird species of the Llanos
  • Spot Giant Anteaters, the critically endangered Orinoco Crocodile (one of the rarest reptiles on Earth), Spectacled Caymans, Scarlet Ibis, Orinoco Gooses, Roseate Spoonbills, amongst many others
  • Learn about various elements of Llanos ranch life during this journey around the Hato
  • Today we suggest to do a very typical activity of the Llanos: Horseback riding
  • Juan Solito’s horses are beautiful well-tamed horses, who are completely familiar with their land and the ride will take you to the hacienda Hato Aurora, where the ranching is still done in a traditional way and you can get a glimpse of the daily life at the farm
  • Enjoy a typical lunch and and have a “Siesta” in a hammock in the garden, before returning back to the lodge
  • After breakfast say goodbye to your lovely hosts and transfer back to Yopal

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