Choquequirao Trek

5 Day Hiking Tour to the Choquequirao Ruins

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Hiking Experience Peru 5 Days Camping March to November Small Group 64 km/40 miles 1500m/4,921ft to 3050m/10,006t Strenuous

From US$ 750 per person

Our local Partner for this Trip

Our partner is an adventure travel company based in Cusco, Peru, that specializes in multi-day treks and tours to Machu Picchu.  During their trips they make every effort to minimize negative impacts and maximize the benefits to the local people and natural environments visited. Their mission is to provide exceptional travel experiences with a strong commitment to environmentally responsible, sustainable, ethical, and socially conscious travel. They are committed to international sustainable tourism guidelines, have aligned their operations with the standard suggested by „leave no trace“ and train their staff in accordance. They have developed ongoing community projects and charity events supporting local Andean communities, one of these includes building a school at one community.

Trip Facts: Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao Ruins

Visit the amazing Inca Ruin site Choquequirao. Choquequirao is one of the ancient lost Inkan Cities that Hiram Bingham discovered in 1909 and even larger than Machu Picchu but far less touristy.

Diverse Landscape & Scenery

The Choquequirao Trek takes you through diverse landscapes and climates from highlands surrounded by snow-capped mountains along green valleys, and arid mountain peaks to the cloud forest and the tropical forest of the high jungle.

Off the Beaten Path Trek

The Choquequirao Trek is far less touristy than other treks and you will run into few other trekkers while hiking on this amazing trail and through a historically rich territory. Experience a once in a lifetime trek, away from the crowds.

Experienced & Knowledgable Guides

Guides attend yearly safety, evacuation, emergency, and first aid training as well as training refreshers on Incan history, flora and fauna are fluent in English and have 10+ years of trekking experience.


The Choquequirao Trek is a challenging, adventurous, and exciting hike through high jungle and the Vilcabamba range of the Andean mountains. The trek leads to the amazing Inca Ruin site Choquequirao located in the canyon of the Apurimac River at an altitude of 3,050 m/10,006 ft. The Choquequirao Ruin site is one of the ancient lost Incan Cities that Hiram Bingham discovered in 1909. Considered the last Inca refuge that resisted the Spanish invasion for decades, Choquequirao is located in the canyon of the Apurimac River at an altitude of 3,050 m/10,006 ft. The ruins are positioned in a strategic geographical area between Andean mountains and the edge of the jungle. This trek is an excellent alternative to see a spectacular Inca Ruin site that is even larger than Machu Picchu and far less touristy.

  • Leave Cusco towards the little village of Cachora
  • On the way stop for breakfast, admiring the wonderful Limatambo Canyon and the Salkantay and Humantay Mountains
  • Start hiking through a historically rich territory towards Capulichayoc
  • Enjoy your first beautiful views of the Apurimac valley and river below, as well as the snow-capped peaks of Padrayoc and Wayna Cachora Mountains along the way
  • Descend further to a noticeably warmer climate and a changing flora and fauna until reaching the bottom of the valley and the raging “The Speaker God” Apurimac River, famous for Class 5 Rafting rapids
  • Continue your trek towards Playa Rosalina near the Apurimac River (1500m/4,921ft), where we will cross a typical local bridge and hike through a forest of cactus, agaves, and exotic local fruit trees.
  • Hike uphill from the shores of the Apurimac river to Marampata
  • Enjoy first views of the archaeological complex of Choquequirao
  • Continue walking towards the Choquequirao ruins admiring a variety of plants and flowers on the way
  • Upon arrival ar rge ruins visit the farming terraces of Paqchayoc and the house of the waterfall
  • Return to your nearby campsite and finish the day tasting “cambric,” a local cognac made from sugar cane
  • Enjoy a day dedicated to exploring the incredible Inca ruins of Choquequirao.
  • Your guide will explain the history and importance of the site you will have free time to visit the many sectors of the complex
  • Late in the afternoon start the return trek and camp the night at Raqaypatal
  • Continue your return trek with a steep descent towards the Apurimac River where you will stop and have lunch.
  • In the afternoon climb for approximately to your final campsite at Coca Masana
  • After breakfast start a 3 hour climb to Capuliyoc and continue on a fairly flat trail back to the village of Cachora
  • say goodbye to your arrieros (expedition horse guides) and take a private transport back towards Cusco.
  • Along the way you will stop at the archaeological site at Saihuite to explore and have lunch.

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