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Why We Suggest You to Plan Your Trip With Latinspirations

We connect travelers with our partnership network of local travel businesses in Latin America, enabling you to book your holiday directly with the best-suited company in each destination.

Here are 8 reasons why we think you should plan your next trip to Latin America with Latinspirations.

Safe Time & Effort

We know it can be hard and time consuming to filter appropriate travel options among an overload of choices. We do the research for you and once we discussed your requirements we will put you in contact with a local travel company that offers services that perfectly match your personal desires.

Local Expertise & Latin America Specialists

Benefit from the inside knowledge of the local travel specialists from our partner network who live in the destinations you are going to visit and our own team that has traveled extensively in Latin America.

Support Local Businesses

We will enable you to book directly with the best local travel companies so that the majority of your spending remains in the country you visit. This way you will support the countries you visit and their local businesses. Of course with no extra costs involved for you.

Sustainable Tourism

Our mission is to promote responsible tourism throughout Latin America. We preferably work with companies that apply best practice in sustainable and responsible tourism and all of our partners are evaluated based on their environmental and social commitments.

Hidden Gems

Our partners know how to show the most popular destinations in each country from a different perspective or take you on tours to less known, off-the-beaten path areas to avoid crowds.

Amazing Adventure & Ecotourism Travel Experiences

We offer a unique and diverse range of the most exciting travel experiences in Latin America. Latinspirations specializes on Adventure Travel and Ecotourism and our trip selection includes hiking, cycling and multi-sport tours, wildlife watching and photography trips and community based tourism.

Reliable Customer Support

We work exclusively with companies that commit to high operational and customer service standards. They all have a 24/7 emergency service if you need support with any unexpected situations during your journey.

Travel Professionals Who Love Their Work

Latinspirations is owner-managed by Cecilia Rojas and Maike Berkemeier who have both been working in the tourism and adventure travel industry for over a decade. Traveling is our passion and we love our work and strive to offer you exceptional travel experiences and activities.

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